Top Ten Android Screenshot Apps You Will Love

The excitement of having an android phone does not end after getting the desired phone. Ones one purchases an android the next thing he/ she wants to have is the best android screenshot apps.


One can download any number of application as the memory spaces in these phones are very high. Veteran smart phone owners may suggest one to not to overload the phone with a huge number of application as it may make the phone slow and one will need to scroll pages after pages to reach the required application.

This is not the smart way of using smart phones. Some of the android screenshot apps are free and others are rental. One can surely explore all the application to have information and knowledge about the available apps.

Top ten android screenshot apps are:

1. The Negotiator: it helps in finding out the flights and any travel related information. It also gives the advantage of booking tickets for flight and railways and enquiry related to the timing and destinations.

2. Tweet-deck: it helps one connect to the social networking sites whether it is twitter or face-book. One can check the updates and send email and messages to friends within a very short time. Keeping in touch with friends whenever required and from any part of the world is always a cool thing.

3. Cupcakes: a very addictive game one may enjoy in free time.

4. Yelp: this application helps one to find out the best bars and restaurants nearby.

5. ESPN fantasy baseball: one can get the updates about the teams and scores and upcoming products related to sports.

6. Bookworm: it is a puzzle game similar to Tetris. It also helps in increasing the vocabulary skills.

7. Amazon kindle: this app is perfect for those who like to read e-books on their kindle device.

8. Google earth: this helps in seeing the whole world and all the routes and locations in the small screen.

9. Pandora: it is one of the famous music apps.

10. Shazam: displays full information about the song one is listening to.

Android screenshot apps give the pleasure of living a classy life carrying the whole world in hands.

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