10 Ways to Get One Way Backlinks and Boost Local SEO

Link popularity and one way backlinks is an essential thing that cannot be ignored when you need to get profitable online business & success with business websites. Here we list the best 10 techniques which can help in getting one way backlinks. This will effectively help in local SEO.

1- Article Writing Marketing

Top articles in your niche can bring best site traffic for you within no time at all. Try to update web-site with the latest and one-of-a-kind articles that can attract increasingly traffic and can bring you out very qualitative one way links.


2- Press Release Writing and Submissions

Press Release writing and distribution to top PR sites is also one of the greatest ways to get free one way backlinks for your business websites. Write an ideal SEO focused Press Release & distribute it to 100s of Press release sites that gives you quality one way backlinks very speedily.

3- Directory Submissions

Top Submissions to Search engine friendly Directories. You ought to also try for the directory submission to as plenty of search engine friendly directories as possible. It’s important that you look for the Do Follow & high Page rank directories so that you get best benefits of the one way backlinks you get.

4- Social Book Marking and Networking

Hire local SEO experts such as http://neueseo.com/services/local-seo can help you get best results. You can also hire them for getting quality one way back links on social bookmarking sites by this method which can help you to grow your link building campaigns regularly and steadily. Top SEO helps you to get natural links at very affordable rates.

5- Use Various Web 2.0 Properties

Hire someone to provide you the micro blogs that are used for effective link building and quality one way links. There are today very brilliant ways of web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, Hubpages, Weebly, Blogger, WordPress.com, etc. that can help you to get one way backlinks at very low rates.

6- Comment on Others Websites

Commenting is yet very natural and one of the most brilliant methods used by top SEO professionals, webmasters and bloggers. Commenting in a natural and helpful manner can give you a link back to your site thus helping you in getting fast one way backlinks. Care has to be taken that you comment wisely and in a manner that it does not resemble as a spam.

7- Join Various Relative Forums

There are hundreds of relative forums that are related to your niche. Find some of them and participate in forum posting. Be helpful to others and give your advice leaving your links at the signature. You can also acquire one way backlinks that comes from your profile link at these forums.

8- Submit Your RSS Feeds to Feed Directory

There are many of the feed directories that you should consider for getting one way backlinks. You can submit your feeds to these directories and get fast web exposure and great link building online.

9- Use Images, Videos and Other Medias

Using images (such as infographics), Videos, slides, etc. and submitting these to various websites is a good way to get a backlink for your website. You should be creative for this and try to add unique images and videos to these sites so that you can get best benefits from it.

10 Try Out Guest Blogging

Now this is one of the newest and greatest ways of getting one way backlinks. Just write articles for others and participate in guest blogging. You are allowed to give your bio and links ion the articles which bring you the most effective and qualitative free one way backlinks.

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