10 Things to Check for Before you Guest Post on Any Blog

Guest posting is becoming a popular way of search engine optimization and promotion. According to Search Engines, It gives high quality links that significantly increases the website ranking and it results in the increased traffic and website rankings. And if we see it in the way of blogging then it is a direct source of promotion of your blog. By this, you will get a chance to introduce your services or offers to the internet buddies in their desired ways.

Guest Post

The popularity and rankings of your website would become higher and higher according to the numbers of the relative guest posts on the internet with specific links. But, writing and posting is not all that you would need to do to get desired success. You would need to write well and check before you post your guest blog on any blog. Here I am sharing with you 10 things that you should necessarily consider before posting any guest blog.

1)    Do not stuff your guest post with too many links and remember, links should be given on the keywords that are integrated in the articles but you should not insert additional keywords in article for link building.

2)    Your article should follow all the guidelines of writing and guest posting. It should be written in flow and it should be checked before publishing. The article content should relate to the title and a title should describe the whole article subject.

3)    An article should contain the details and explanation and its length should not be too lengthy to read. If it is informative then the length depends on the information that you are providing but you should never make an article lengthy just because you want to increase the words.

4)    Your Guest blog content should be unique. A unique content is called plagiarism free. An article should not be copied from any other website because it will effect on your website’s reputation and it is said to be copy write content. It also effects on the rankings of a website. You can use online tools to check the copy write content.

5)    Check the article and also check the links. If the article is well written but the links are dead then it would not be beneficial for you. Check the links and make sure that they will lead a user to specific page of your website.

6)    Never post any article that contains the links of Hacking, Adult sites, illegal activity or Copyrighted stuff.

7)    Most importantly, your article should be free from any kind of grammatical errors. This will make your good article look bad. It would leave an unimpressive impression on visitors and it will not appear correctly in search engines keywords.

8)    Article should be well written for Search Engine Optimization. SEO optimized articles takes less time in indexing. Use keywords and heading tags in article. For eg. h2, h3, h4, h5 etc. If you insert images then make sure that the images should be relevant. You can take the help of reliable seo services in case if you do not understand these basics.

9)    Do not ruin your website with self promotion techniques like “visit my website” etc. It is bad for the impression of a website and it leaves bad impression.

10) Make sure that your website is fully completed. Make sure that the website you are going to promote with a blog contains specific keywords in the pages.

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