Recent Top 10 Best Games In The Market You Will Love Playing

Games are offering a wonderful source of huge entertainment for those individuals who always loves playing video games. Nowadays it is quite interesting to see that playing games is not only limited to children. Adults are also participating in playing these games. Playing games can be great refreshment for many people.

Playing best games

The List of Top 10 PC Games

1- The first one of the top 10 best games is Metro: Last Light. It is one person shooting game. It shows the time of year 2034, and in that year, the nuclear war is going on. This war has already turned the whole world in a wasteland of post-apocalyptic. This game has outstanding atmosphere, which will fill you in dread. It has a touching story regarding hope and loss.

 2- Next is BioShock which is also a shooting game. It is a game where all the players will assume the part of Pinkerton which is an agent that is Booker DeWitt. Booker DeWitt is already sent to a flying city in Columbia for a mission to rescue Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the one who is imprisoned from childhood. In this game, the city is portrayed in a broken and beautiful place.

3- Runner 2 – Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is another top 10 best games. It has a beautiful rhythm music and auto-running platform which is basically inspired from Bit.Trip series. It has blended the gameplay and entrancing music. It has an exuberant soundtrack which engrosses connection with the action. It has broad accessibility with difficult spectrum. It has charming characters that are beatifically shown to the world. Some fiendish challenges are also available.

4- Another is Far Cry 3 which has players like Jason Brody. This game has slashing, sneaking, detonating, and shooting all around the island which has already lost the sense of wrong and right. It is an elegant and intelligent open structure. It has action and adventure. It has a lot of tropical and fun things to play with. It has unpredictable creatures and ecology which will make it look alive.

5- This is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, which is a kind of spin off. It contains almost eight hours of features and content in an open island. It has same gameplay system of Far Cry 3, but it has better mechanics than the first one. It has hysterical writing and action. It is basically inspired from 80’s blast. It has hysterical collectibles and dialogue. It has many smart references of 1980’s culture.

6- The Knife of Dunwall for Dishonored is another top 10 best games. The main part is Daud who is a legendary assassin. He has killed empress, and after the assassination, Dunwall’s fate has changed for forever. It is a game of redemption search. It has changed protagonists with the panache. It is the new chapter of the Dishonored Saga. It has blink ability with new areas of goodies and secrets.

7- The next is Slender: The Arrival, which is a continuation of the game Slender: The Eight Pages. It is survival of the horror genre, which makes this game as the best terrifying game. This game has impeccable atmosphere and psychological horror. The story is quite narrative and has excellent pacing. These are also one of the reasons that it is one of the top 10 best games.

8- Tomb Raider is a gritty and intense game of the story which is basically originated from Lara Croft. It is a game about a frightened woman who is trying very hard to survive. It is an action adventure which shows a terrific story of Lara Croft. It has started from academic but later it transformed into adventure. It has a very rich history with intense combat. This game is about controlling physical overcoming.

9- Antichamber is about discovering space and geometry by following unfamiliar rules. It has some obstacles. It has very challenging puzzles with a fantastic atmosphere. It has very inventive puzzles with stylish visuals. It has an ambient soundtrack which provides a good accomplishment. This game needs patience of the player. The puzzles cannot be rushed. You cannot get solution without any second thought. This game needs studious and gentle approach with inventive experimentation and careful logic.

10- The name of the last game is Reus. It is a game about sowing seeds in the flourishing planet and populace. It is a kind of strategic gameplay with wide goals. It has very good visual and a little bit humanity. This game is about nature which includes ocean, forests and swamps. In this game, you can find fruit trees and animals. This game starts from a barren desert of earth.

In this article, you can find information about different games which shows the development of technology. Games can provide an immense pleasure to those people who love to play games. If you are an addict of video games, then you can go through these games and choose your favorite one.

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