Today’s 10 Best Tablets Available In The World

Nowadays tablet is growing in the world like a storm. There are so many options in the market that people are facing difficulty in choosing from all of them. In this article, you can get to know about all the latest and best tablets in the world. This article has a description about 10 Best Tablets available in the market.

1- The number one is Sony Xperia Tablet. It has a sleek, iconic and powerful design. It is a combination of Tablet Z and Sony Xperia Z. It is a Japanese brand which is bringing to the public. It is quite light and premium. This company has always surpassed the expectation of people.  It is also waterproof, and it is also a reason which makes the tablet one of the 10 Best Tablets.

2- In the second number, it is iPad mini. It is one of the most famous creations of Steve Jobs. It is consistently in this position for quite some time. It has a slick design and quality build in this tablet. It has a great battery. It is very portable and light. It is a wallet friendly tablet with 16GB storage. It also has Wi-Fi version. You can also extend up to 64GB.

3- In the third position, it is Google Nexus 7. It has a quad-core processor with 12-core GPU. It is the very first device which has started to run Jelly Bean Android that makes it one of the 10 Best Tablets. It has 7 inch display of HD IPS. It is easy to hold in hand. It is a really good reading device and a portable entertainment device. It has 16 GB memory.

4- In the number fourth position, it is iPad is a full sized device which has Retina Display. It is the latest tablet of Apple with good screen. It is a little bit heavier and bigger than iPad 2. It has the best screen in the market. It has a big battery and processor which is already beefed up. It has a famous styling of Apple in the iPad. It is a little bit classic also.

5- The fifth one is Google Nexus 10. It has the largest talking points. It is the most high resolution tablet. It has Retina screen with great performance. It can take panoramic photos. It is smooth and fast. It has a very stunning look and expandable memory. It has a big screen and Android experience. It is not only in the 10 Best Tablets, but also one of the finest Android tablets.

6- The sixth one and the most popular one in youth are Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. It can be also compared with iPad mini. It is a very strong Android tablet with an S Pen. It is also recommending as the rival of Apple. It is a light and portable tablet. It is also true that it has better display than iPad mini. It has a solid built with an expandable memory.

7- The seventh one is Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. It is quite higher price than others. But is really a true contender of this spot. It has a standard keyboard dock. It is also the newest version of Android. It has a simple interface with nice resolution. It has simplicity in the slate. The screen is the one which can take users attention. It has HD resolution with great battery life.

8- The eighth one is Microsoft Surface Pro. It has high resolution with Windows 8. It is much better than Surface RT. It is quite portable and usable. It is a bulky laptop but with important weight. It can be also said as portable PC. It has a very fantastic pen with bright touch screen. It has 2TB of expandable storage. It has a type and touch cover keyboard.

9- The ninth one is Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It has a very big screen with quad-core processor. It can be used with S Pen. You can easily make a sketch and use the huge range of various items. It also has micro SD along will Jelly Bean Android. It has TouchWiz OS with stylus. It is expensive because it deserves to be. It is one of the most fabulous tablets.

10- The last and the tenth one are Asus FonePad. It is in the tenth position, but it is very identical to Nexus 7 according to the look. It has some trump cards like micro SD slot, 3G connectivity and affordable price. It can help you to get online and yet receive or send messages and calls. It has Jelly Bean Android interface with slick design. You can also get Wi-Fi in this device.

This article will help to take the right decision for buying a tablet. You can get knowledge about the different tablet in the market. These tablets are known for perfection in the services. You can also know about the comprehensive features of these 10 Best Tablets.

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