10 Best Android Apps For You in 2013 – You Will Not Love To Miss Them Out

You may be looking for new and fruitful apps to download in your android phone. This article will provide full knowledge about the 10 best android apps available in the world now. Here, you can find about the personal finance and games which can be helpful for protecting the data.


Essential Apps That Are Useful Today

1- Fruit Ninja is the best gaming android app. It is a classic and yet a new game by using your finger you have to play this game. In this game, fruits will be thrown automatically in the air, and you have to slice those fruits as quickly as possible. It is a very simple game but later when it will pick up speed you can find bombs will be thrown with the fruits.

2- The next app is Pulse News. It is a news reading app which is applicable for mobile phones. This app will take all the latest news from the sources and present it in the easy readable format. It is quite familiar to Flipboard. Users can easily browse the stories from the source. It has a feature of customizing according to the liking of the user. It has a search option to search any sites.

3- The third best app is Pandora. It is one of the 10 best android apps in the world. It is a web radio which helps users in creating customized radio stations according to their favorite band, artist or song. A user can also indicate their favorite songs. Pandora has a feature which will program any station according to the users liking. It is a great app for discovering new genres and artists.

4- The fourth app and one of the 10 best android apps are this one. It is an app which will help users to protect videos, photos, call logs, and SMS messages. The app name is Vault, and it can hide all from job related messages to unflattering pictures from others. If users want to hide any personal data from others, then they can do it with secured password. Vault can even make private contacts invisible to others.

5- The fifth of the 10 best android apps is Mint. It can keep all the personal account for finance in one single place. Managing money can be very easy with this app. Users can even track their spending and save money by creating a budget. This app is generally protected with passcode. To use this app, you can log in to mint.com. You can deactivate the device from the profile page.

6- The sixth app is an app which can help you to track the heart rate for exercise or health. You do not have to pay for the monitor, to measure heart rate. It is an instant rate monitor of heart. It is the best solution for measuring heart rate. Before starting the app, you have to enter gender and age in the app to calculate the zone of your heart rate.

7- Some people also like to record professional and personal conversations. They can easily opt for the most reliable app that is In Call Recorder. It can automatically record all the conversations and save it in the MP3 file. The best feature is that you can share the conversations in Dropbox, WhatsApp or email. It can be easily downloaded from Google Play within minutes. It is a very good app to detect any bad call.

8- Men are generally very inclined to sports. ESPN ScoreCenter is an app which can make the users very easy for following their favorite teams. You can update your knowledge with latest scores and alerts. It can bring scores, breaking news, and videos of live events. Users can even share videos, news and games with their family and friends. It is very easy to download and give all the information which is related with sports.

9- If you want to get some space in your Android phone, then you can use AVG Cleaner for your Android phone. It can help you to erase email browsing history, web history and app store history. It can help you to clean call logs and text messages log, and it also allows you for monitoring memory usage. When you will install AVG Cleaner, then you can make automatic update by cleaning the Android mobile.

10- Like you use Chat Heads, you can use Ninja SMS, which is the last and best of the 10 best android apps. It provides the users interactive pop-ups for any messages. You can view and reply messages in this app. It is very easy for using in the Android phone. You can easily download in your device.

If you are a newbie in the world of Android, then you can easily have an idea about the new and best Android apps in the world. This article is absolutely updated about the recent top ten Android apps. These are also essential apps for your tablet or phone.

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