10 Essential Productivity Apps For iPhone and Android

Evernote is one of those apps that become more indispensable the more you use it. At its core, it’s a simple note-taking platform, but the various extras make it much more. Features include server-side OCR so you can do text searches on any images you upload, the ability to share notes with friends and colleagues, and a desktop browser plug-in for clipping webpages to your Evernote account.

Apps For iPhone and Android

In addition Evernote allows you to try and remember everything you do by uploading your ideas and notes to the cloud. You can record, upload and manage your ideas easily. Once you learn how to use it over time you can get much more out of it. Frequent lists can be set to the homepage for easy access. Another great feature is dictation which is ideal to use in the car or when you have a great idea.

Premium account is also available, with no advertisements and much better options, including more sharing, greater upload storage and note history access and more.

Drop allows you to store your data in cloud. It is a syncing service for all your data including documents, photo and video. Dropbox allows you to view your files from almost anywhere. Installed on an iPhone you can access the data on the move with iPhone SIM only deals. You can even have your photo sync to drop box with cellular data enabled.


The word processing options for smartphones and tablets are a trainwreck, to put it mildly, but the Apple-developed Pages app is the one exception, There are plenty of font, colour and formatting options to choose from, over a dozen templates, and iCloud syncing so you can move seamlessly between supported devices (namely anything with an Apple logo) while you’re working on a document.
Pages starts off with a quick tutorial option if you want to be familiar with the App. If you want to start working on a new document there are a number of template available from flyers to party invites but you can always start off with a blank template.

Skype is a very popular communication app which allows for video conferencing. If you have family abroad then you can use Skype for free chatting to your friends and family. If you have a cellular connection on your phone you may want to consider unlimited internet from 3 SIM only to allow you to communicate on the move. Skype is available on various platforms which make it very popular for voice and video calls.


Can’t afford a human personal assistant? SHERPA is the next best thing, using your Android device as a control centre for managing your hectic lifestyle, Like Google Now, it tries to predict the information you’re after before you ask for it, and it ties into a much wider net of online services and phone functions, including Linkedln, PayPal and music streaming.


Any.DO can bring calm and order to even the most chaotic of task lists, thanks to its simple interface and advanced management features. Tasks, which you can input by typing or voice recognition, are ordered into contexts (such as personal and work) and date, while the time-and location-based reminders ensure that you tick each task off as efficiently as possible.


Left an important file on your home or work computer? Splashtop 2 makes it a breeze to access your desktop or laptop using the power of remote access technology. It supports both Windows and Mac computers, and assuming your connection is up to scratch, it’s even fast enough to support video streaming and 3D gaming from your smartphone or tablet, chat to them about particular shows and see what they’re planning to watch.


Bit of a klutz in the kitchen? The inimitable Jamie Oliver shows you how to win at cooking, with clear, step-by-step instructions for a variety of dishes, The free app comes with a ten recipe ‘taster pack’, and you can buy more recipe packs for a couple of bucks a pop, such as 20-Minute Meals Volume 1 and Brilliant Breakfast and Brunch, using in-app purchases.

The idea of Mailbox is to have a 0 inbox. As mail arrives you can do a number of actions on the mail including deleting, archiving and snoozing an email for later action. Mailbox currently works only with Gmail and up to 5 mailboxes. Further clients will be supported in the future.

With a master password you can store all your other passwords. Having to remember different passwords and entering them in can be cumbersome and insecure. 1Password allows you to simply enter one password for your favourite sites. You can also store your credit card details for online shopping and also create identities for your profile.

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