Top 10 Features of 4G Network Services

For nearly a year, the mobile network operator EE (an abbreviation of Everything Everywhere) was the only one to offer superfast 4G broadband to UK customers. However, whilst EE 4G UK coverage continues to extend to every part of the country, other operators are starting to catch up. This gives consumers much more choice, but which network is the best for you?

4G Network Services


As it is so far ahead of its competitors in terms of developing and extending its network throughout the UK (as it had so much of a head-start), EE is considered to be the best network in terms of coverage.

Reaching around 117 UK towns and cities and counting, and pushing into rural parts of the UK, the operator may be the best choice in terms of coverage. 4G network is spreading at a wide speed. It will soon be available in all parts of the world. Before choosing for any 4G connection, ensuring network and its plan accessibility is utmost necessary. One get know about the accessibility of 4G network through network coverage maps.


Although Three is promising to make low cost 4G services available to its customers when its network launches, at present there isn’t much to separate the major mobile networks currently offering 4G. O2, Vodafone and EE contracts all start at around the same price for the minimum data limit and can get pretty pricey for unlimited data packages, especially if you go for high-end handsets such as the iPhone 5s. Vodafone and EE also offer SIM-only tariffs to make things a little more affordable.

Variety of plans to chose from

The price of 4g services is surprisingly affordable. The providers offer variety of plans to choose from. If one requires unlimited web access then one can conveniently find number of service providers which avail service at 2g prices.


EE is currently the leader in this area, offering 15 4G compatible handsets compared to the 13 offered by Vodafone and O2. Along with the hugely popular iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 handsets, EE iPhone 5c contracts are also now available. With the help of 4g connection allow better graphics and functionality of mobile phones. The speed of exchanging emails, images and videos shall also enhance incredibly. With high speed internet it becomes highly convenient to exchange any sort of information over the internet.


4g technology is specifically known for its incredible speed. The 4g smartphones are said to offer speeds which are upto four times faster than 3g smartphones.


With 4g connections one can execute tasks at greater speed without requiring wire connections. The fast paced 4g connections are capable of reaching remote areas where it is not possible for the networks to reach.


4g systems of security are quite harder to meddle. The enhanced security of the network and information helps one to receive conceive the desired information which is an added benefit of 4G technology.


4G connections render broadband like speed but without requiring any sort of wired connections

Greater flexibility

4G networks can be combined with 3G networks in order to enhance its accessibility in remote areas


4G services offer attractive tariff plans and internet packs due to which it is all the more demanded by the mobile phone users.

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