10 best technology blogs for you which accepts guest posts

Guest blog is considered to be a part of search engine optimization because it increases the website rankings and it drags traffic to a specific website. This is a referral source that leads customer or visitor to your website from different websites. It is used for the explanation and publicity of specific company, product or service.

Guest posting

It leads your success to one level forward. A well written article is all that is needed in guest posting or guest blogging and it effects even better if it is posted on a blog that already has good ranking or traffic by Google. For this reason, there are so many blogs which allows guest posting for different purposes. Here I am sharing with you a list of 10 best and popular technology blogs that will accept your guest posts and it will directly enhance your online presence.

1)    Mashable.com/submit/

This website is famous. Its Google page rank is 8 and it is also good in Alexa rank. Its Alexa rank is 450!

2)    Techpp.com/guest-blogging

This is a famous website which has the Google page rank of 4 and its alexa rank is 24,804!

3)    Bloggerspassion.com/submit-guest-post

This is a technology blog that has 3 Google page rank and its alexa rank is 21442. It is impressive!

4)    Techie-buzz.com/write-for-us-guest-post

The page rank of this website is 5 and its Alexa Global rank is 42,308. It is worth contribution and guest posting!

5)    Sitepoint.com/write-for-us

This website has the Google page rank of 7 and global Alaxa rank of 1724.

6)    Inspirationfeed.com/guest-writing

This blog has Google page rank of 5 and its position on Alexa Global is 15,737.

7)    Technshare.com/write-for-us

This web blog is ranked 4 on the Google page rank and it is ranked 86,407 on Alexa page rank.

8)    Techcrunch.com/contact

This technology blog has the Google page rank of 8 and amazingly its Alexa traffic rank is 715!

9)    Labnol.org/write/

This website is ranked 6 on Google page ranks and it has the rankings of 3,304 on Alexa Global.

10) Shoutmeloud.com/join-shoutmeloud (the last but not the least – my favorite)

This website is ranked 4 on Google Page rank and it is ranked 4,818 on Alexa.

These all are high quality technology based blogs that allows guest blogging and these blogs are best for guest blogging. They will accept your guest post if it is written with efficiency. They easily approve the guest blogs and it would be beneficial for you.

As such there are countless technology blogs you may find online. But it is important to look many of the things before you choose anyone of the blog for guest posting. It is important to check its PR, Domain authority, Alexa ranking, etc. so that you get maximum benefits.

This is a perfect source to gain or enhance your website’s online presence. It can be used for the promotion of any product or any other specified thing. A guest blogging is said to be the most efficient and most effective way to promote and introduce any thing on the web because it promotes the specific product, service or company and its results of this method lasts for long time.

Significantly, it is a magical way to enhance your search engine rankings and in addition, you will be able to get the Future business opportunities which would be the most beneficial thing for your business and your website as well!

*Note – The sites mentioned here are not in any order of preference or stats. The page ranks, Alexa rankings and other stats that may be mentioned here are at the time of writing this article. And may change later when you read. 

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