Know About The Ten Best All Time Movies

A large development has been witnessed by the film industry since its foundation. In fact, it is considered as a significant component of your everyday life. A lot of people are able to find entertainment with the help of movies. The movies on various aspects are produced by the film industries across the world. The list of ten best movies is mentioned below.

Apocalypse Now

1- Apocalypse Now: This movie is based on the novel, ‘Heart of Darkness’. The movie has showed various events of the Vietnam War. In addition, the movie has depicted the picture of horror, horror and madness of the war in a proper way. This movie is also famous for the mind blowing direction and best acting by the stars of the movie.

2- Aguirre, Wrath of God: This movie is made on the famous journal, ‘Brother Gasper’. The periods of the sixteenth century are presented exquisitely by this movie. In this movie, a group of travelers try to pass a jungle, and the story intrigues the viewers to a large extent. The movie is famous due to the camera work, acting skills and best direction.

3- Citizen Kane: This movie was released in the year 1941. This movie is specifically for viewers, who love classical movies. The best cinematic qualities were depicted by this movie. The film has also won a lot of awards due to the acting skills and remarkable scenes. It has also won an Oscar Award.

4- The General: Buster Keaton has done one of his marvellous works in this movie. The story of this movie is mainly involved around a railway engineer, who falls in love two times during his lifespan. It is mainly considered as a comedy movie.

5- La Dolce Vita: It is considered as the all-time best classical picture. The film got released in the year 1960. In addition, the movie’s central character is quite amusing. The plot of the movie also grabs the viewer’s attention. Thus, it provides the required entertainment in the best possible way.

6- 2001: A Space Odyssey: It is also a top feature film that you must certainly watch. The plot of this film mainly revolves around cinemas, movies and revokes the cinematic experience. The pace of this movie is quite slow, but it will not bore the viewers. In fact, it manages to grasp the attention of its viewers.

7- Raging Bull: This movie is a masterpiece by Robert Niro and Martin Scorsese. It is the top all time movie without any doubt. Viewers get a lot of entertainment through this movie. In this movie, the psychotic character of a car driver is shown. New trends are set by this movie in the Hollywood film industry.

8- Tree of Life: It is also a popular Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt. The period of 1950s is depicted by this movie, and it is also skillfully directed. In addition, the acting is done elegantly by the actors, who are casted in this movie. The stunning camera work, breath taking dialogues, as well as emotional scenes, are the main reasons due to its popularity.

9- Tokyo Story: It is one of the best classical movies. The director of this movie is Yasujiro Ozu, who is an Asian. This movie is famous due to the camera skills, dialogues, acting skills and best direction.

10- Vertigo: This film is mainly based on the French novel called D’entre les Morts. The viewers will be interested in watching this movie due to the unpredictable changes in the plot. Thus, they are able to get a lot of entertainment.

These are some of the movies that will certainly remain in a movie buff’s favorites list. They are appreciated and loved by all viewers.    

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