Top 10 Best iPhone 4 Cases for Extra Shining and Iconic Look

Iphone is one of the most favorite devices of so many peoples. The iphone looks less impressive with the scratches and spots on its body. They use iphone cases to get rid of scratches and spots. But still some people don’t like using Iphone cases due to their ordinary looks.

Usually, the Iphone users prefer creative and fine looking cases but they get confused between the huge ranges of ordinary cases. But now there would be no such problems because the new iphone 4 has so many exciting cases. So, here I am sharing with you a list of 10 best iphone 4 cases which will definitely make your iphone look great and will protect it as well.

iPhone 4 Cases

1)   Body Glove Icon Hybrid : The body is not heavy but it is good and effective. It deals perfectly with drops and bumps and it keeps your phone fresh and clean for a long term. It is comfortable to hold and it gives best protection for your iphone 4.

2)   Mophie Juice Pack Pro : It is best for those who have outdoor adventuring routine. In many situations, it will protect your iphone. It could be an expensive case but it offers sufficient which makes it worth costs. With the protection of this case, you would not need to worry about the rain and other drops, dirt effects or shock damages. With easy grip, it is a whole package for your adventure needs.

3)   Crystal Couture Elegante Series Case : It comes in wide design variety. It is eye catching case which includes colored stripes with leopard skin. It is a simple plastic case that is covered with rhinestones of different colors.

4)   Hex Axis Wallet for iPhone 4/4S : It is a leather wallet that provides a best protection in stylish manner. It is a flip opening feature which looks like book. One side, it has a place for your iphone and other side you can keep your cash and other cards. It can be easily fitted in your pocket and you can remove your iphone from it anytime.

5)   Marware Double Take iPhone 4/4S Case : This case provides tough protection for iphone. It provides clear shell that has colored rubber bumper all around the edges. It is very comfortable to hold and it is stylish as well.

6)   Moshi Concerti for iPhone 4/4S : It is a stylish leather flip case that is impressive and it would not be bulky for your handling. It is easy to use and the micro fiber pad on the flap of this case will make your iphone body clean.

7)   X-Doria Defense 360 : This case covers both front and back side of the iphone 4. The polycarbonate case protects the frontal side and back side of your iphone and it impacts.

8)   Seidio Surface Reveal with Metal Kickstand : This selected sleek and hard case comes in two pieces which makes it easy to slide onto the iphone. It is comfortable for handling and it has easy grip functionality system.

9)   Ballistic Hard Core : It is best case for those who prefers chunky and bulk looks cases. With a best screen protector, shock absorbing layers in it, a polycarbonate frame and optional silicone design outside it makes it bold and impressive. It is also water resistant and resists rotating damages as well.

10)  IvySkin iPhone 4 Reception Case : It is one of the finest super thin case which has polycarbonate protection. It comes in most reasonable prices and you would appreciate its beneficial features for your iphone.

I hope you liked this list of 10 best iphone 4 cases. Buy your favorite case today and make your iphone 4 looks like a unique one.

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