The Best 10 Anime Series Available Of All Time

All knows that children love to see anime series. But nowadays it is becoming very popular among any group of age people. Top 10 best anime series are here in this article which you will love to watch. There are all type genres for various kinds of people.

Best Anime Series from All Genres

1- An anime series needs a great story with cool characteristics. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has a good soundtrack, sceneries and atmosphere. It is a wonderful show which has masters of all things. It is a show which has perfection. You cannot find any flaws in this series. The characters, soundtracks, animations etc. are really great. The main focus in this series is the way of telling the whole story. The story is distinguishing from others.

Several characters from Fullmetal Alchemist as...

Several characters from Fullmetal Alchemist as depicted in the first anime. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2- The second one is code Geass: LelouchOf The Rebellion R2 and it is also in the top 10 best anime movies. It is a fantasy series that has some similarities with the Death Note. It is about a genius character who has earned some supernatural power. They can decide for using to create utopian world by these superpowers. They can do it by hiding their real identities. It is in the top because it has favorite endings for all.

3- The third one is Code Geass – LelouchOf The Rebellion. It is also similar with Death Note. The story starts from high school where the students of this series got some supernatural power to save the world. They do not have a problem of killing anyone to achieve goals. They hide their real identities from the world. They are smart, devious and strategic which keeps them going. It is one of the top 10 best anime series.

4- Next is Baccano which is a probable the best and original show. It is really brilliant for watching. The characters are different from any other shows. Miria and Isaac are very popular characters of this show. Because they are thoughtful and funny skilled robbers. They perform strange types of robberies by dressing in different costumes all the time.Their one of the plan is robbing an entire museum which is next to impossible.

5- Death Note is one of the top 10 best anime series. It has a huge fan following in the world. It is a kind of thriller and also about a high school genius student. Kira is the main character who found a mysterious diary that consist a death note. This can kill many people.Kira decides of using that diary for killing the evil and making a world without any bad guys.

6- Clannad: After Story is another best anime series. It has everything to make this show successful. It has sadness, enjoyment and comedy. It has four stories in one single series. In this series, Tomoya is a protagonist. It is a story which starts after the high school. It shows life of students after completing high school.It shows about the students who areapart from their friends and moving towards their different destinations.

7- The seventh one in the series is Steins Gate, which starts in a slow pace, but later it took pace. You can hear great laughter of Okabin. It has an epic introduction which is quite equal to Baccaqo’s introduction. It is also highly recommended anime which is quite popular in the youth. In this series, the real plot starts from the 12th episode which makes it one of the best anime series.

8- Berserk is also one of the anime series which shows medieval anime. It is about the swordsman Guts. He starts his journey very early after joining the mercenary group named as The Hawks. Griffith is another very important character in this series. In this anime series, Guts is helping Griffith in achieving the dream of ruling the whole world. The high spot of this series is the unbeatable and incredible atmosphere.

9- Cowboy Bebop is another stylish, cool and classy anime series. It has the most thrilling, unique and deep plot. This show has a unique style of showing the characters. Faye Valentine, Radical Ed, Spike Spiegel and Jet Black are the main four characters of this series. In all of them, Radical Ed is the most genius child who has great computer skill. He also has a very goofy personality from others.

10- The last but not the least is Fullmetal Alchemist is like the child version of The Last Airbender. It is a good and original story for children. It is a very addicting series. It has fights which make the enjoyment rates quite high. The series revolves around only two main characters. They are also called as Elric brothers. It has a very slow plot, but people are enjoying this plot.

In this article, you can get to know about the best anime series in this world. All these anime series is quite popular in children. Even adults like to watch these types ofseries. This anime series is very entertaining with a good plot of the story.

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