Know About The Top 10 Best Laptops In Your Budget 2013

While people go for shopping, they sometimes purchase some worst laptop from the market. They do it because they do not have proper knowledge about laptops. It is true that shopping sometimes can become really daunting task.

Nowadays there are many companies who are providing Windows 8 in their laptops. Let us check out the latest and top 10 best laptops here that comes in your budget.

Options of Top 10 Best Laptops

1- The best of the top 10 best laptops is Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch with Retina Display. It has a large display of screen monitor. You can carry while walking from the road. It is ideal for those people who want great visual. It has picky visual and portable sidekick. It is recently designed with various features. It has attractive graphic set of arts. It has HD resolution display and also portable components.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch

Apple MacBook Pro

2- The second best is Acer C7 Chromebook which is also listed in the top 10 best laptops. It is fast, long lasting and better than other laptops. It has a good RAM and zipper performance.It is quite affordable. It has 320 GB big hard drive in the Chromebook. It also has VGA and Ethernet. The keyboard has Chrome and traditional layouts. It has 1.1GHz Intel processor of Celeron 847.

3- Asus VivoBook S400CA-UH51 is a totally functional Ultrabook of Windows 8. It is a touch screen of Ultrabook which has right set of feature and pricing. It has VGA and HDMI. It has a great feature of quick bootup. Ultrabook has full specs with touch screen of ten point. It also full Ethernet port and solid screen. It has Windows 8 which is taking advantage of the touch screen.

4- Next one is Dell Latitude 6430u which is surely one of the top 10 best laptops. It has a slick design, good battery life and keyboard. It is good for business and provides productivity in work. People who love to travel will certainly prefer this one. It has Windows 8 with performance and style. It has an external drive which makes it worth. It has svelte frame, which has 3.91 weights.

5- Dell XPS 10 is equipped with convertible tablet. It is quite portable and has almost 20 hours of life in battery with a dock. It also has a micro USB and keyboard dock. In this laptop, the speakers are already built in the dock. You can carry all the digital files in it. The largest battery life makes this in the top 10 best laptops. It has a similar tablet format of hybrid.

6- Dell Inspiron 17-3721 is another best laptop. It has a large screen, nice price, user friendly characteristics and good performance. It is a good choice for price minded users. It has a big screen and attractive price tag. It has a slim profile with scrimp features. It has weight around 5.9 pounds. The display is 17.3 inch. It is definitely one of the largest laptop in the market. You can find text and images quite large.

7- Dell Latitude 10 Enhanced Security has an additional protection layer with Windows 8. It is good for business people. It has are movable battery. Even Windows 7 or Vista or XP can run in this laptop. It has a long life of the battery. Even the battery can be extended and standard features. This laptop is quite portable with the option of Wacom stylus. It has GPS and WWAN system and can be easily bundled with the desktop dock.

8- Lenovo G580 has admirable features and classic performance. It is found in the market, in an affordable value of price tag. It also has a removable battery with nice keyboard. It has Windows 8 with slightly bulky look. It has 5.09 pound weight. T has a glossy finish in black color with a little glittery effect. It has a tendency to attract fingerprints of the user and has a smudging effect.

9- Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Touch has many features, which makes it unique in the crowd of laptop. It has touch screen and Backlit Keyboard. It has a very good option of I or O ports. It even has an optical drive. It has only one hard drive.  It has a slick system in the laptop. It is bit bigger than the Ultrabooks. Its weight is 5.23 pound but still lighter than other Ultrabooks.

10- Lenovo ThinkPad X230t has the greatest features and also adds multitouch. It is ultraportable and quality of convertible design of tablets. The processor of the laptop is Intel Core i5-3320M. It has a huge battery life. It also has swiveling touchable screen, nice physical keyboard and stylus. If you are a businessman, then this is a good laptop to work with. People from a retail store, office, and factory floor work on this kind of laptop.

Nowadays laptops are available online in the electronics store. In this article, you can get a general concept of top 10 best laptops in the market. All these laptops have some unique features and price tags. In limited budget, people can buy laptops.

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