Check Out The 10 Best Digital Cameras in 2013

Nowadays it has become difficult to choose from a wide variety while purchasing digital cameras from the various options. It is also important to know about the right kind of camera you may need. Some people need small cameras and some people need the best quality of cameras. You can pick from the winners of the 10 Best Digital Cameras.

Best Digital Cameras

Getting Information aboutBest Digital Cameras

1.      Ricoh GR: This digital camera has a fixed and wide lens. It has a large sensor compact. It has a compact design with the image sensor of APS-C. It is the speediest performer. It has a 28mm wide angle of view. It has a very excellent layout control. It is quite customizable and has raw support. The adapter is about 21mm wide.

 2.      Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100: This has a huge image sensor almost 1inch. It has a point and shoot can deliver SLR quality images. It can easily fit in your pocket. Even in high ISOs, the image quality is always high. It has a fast lens. You can customize the control system. It has an extra-large and sharp LCD. It does not have any shutter lag.

 3.      Canon PowershotElph 330 HS: This is one of the 10 Best Digital Cameras. It has a 10x zoom that can take beautiful pictures. You can also send these instantaneously with the integrated Wi-Fi. It has a sharp lens. This camera has very excellent ISO performance. It has a very short shutter lag. It also has an external battery charger.

4.      Canon Powershot A1400: This is capable and really easy to use. It is a Point and shoot camera which can capture beautiful and sharp pictures in a good light. It is quite inexpensive and also has a solid construction. It has an Optical viewfinder. The lens is about 5x zoom. It generally uses the AA batteries. It is also listed in the 10 Best Digital Cameras.

 5.      Canon EOS 6D: It is a top-notch with a full frame camera in the compact body. This camera is available in a very affordable price. It has some enthusiast friendly features. It also has a very spectacular quality in images. The shooting can be 4.5fps. It has a superb quality of image in high ISOs. This digital camera has interchangeable screen focus.

6.      Sony Alpha 77: This digital camera can pump out almost 24-megapixel in 10.3 frames. It can record almost 108p60 video with autofocus. It has a sharp kit lens frame per 2.8. It can provide solid performance in low light also. It has a high quality of OLED EVF. It also has a GPS capability. This GPS capability can make this in the 10 Best Digital Cameras.

 7.      Nikon D5200: This is capable of D-SLR which can deliver impressive quality of images. It can continuously shoot in 4 frames per sec. It has a fast autofocus system with a sharp angle LCD.  The autofocus system of this digital camera is about 39 point. It is quite fast and also quick to shoot. The video capture is about 1080i60. It has GPS and Wi-Fi0 add-ons.

8.     Olympus OM-D E-M5: This is one of the best digital cameras. It has a top-notch system of stabilization. It is also fully-weather sealed. You can shoot pictures is all types of lights. It has versatile and sharp kit lens. It has a compact body with a crisp display of LCD EVF. It has a rear articulating display. It is quite impressive in high ISO performances.

9.      Samsung NX300: This camera has a speedy and mirror-less compact which can capture some excellent images. It also offers a very well-executed and integrated Wi-Fi system. You can share your photos in the web very easily. It also has sharp lens kit. You can experience excellent pictures in the high performance of ISO. It has leatherette styling and retro chrome.

10.  Panasonic Lumix DCM-FZ200: This camera has the best ambitious ratio of zoom. It has very sharp lens about f/2.8. It can provide speedy performance. It has excellent EVF with mic input. You can also find hot shoe in it. It has raw support system. You can capture images in low light also.

Many people have a fascination of having great quality of cameras. They always love to buy digital cameras with a lot of perfections. Some people also buy a camera keeping the budget in their mind. This article can provide you information regarding all your questions about digital cameras. These cameras are of big brands and provide high quality of performance.

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