5 Kung Fu Action Films You Will Love Watching

Black Fist

Anyone who loves an action movie can never miss out on movies like Black Fist which is a must watch martial arts movie. The dialogues used in this movie are very mixed and photographs are very misty in nature. Directed by Richard Kaye, Timothy Galfas, the plot used in this movie is very interesting and can easily attract audience towards it. Often people feel a great connection in movies where the protagonist is a compassionate character and who after getting hurt returns back with full zeal to cause a pain to his invadersĀ  in a chaotic manner.

In this movie our protagonist Richard Lawson (acting Leroy Fisk) acts as a young street fighter who rises up in rank after teaming up with a gangster Robert Burr(acting Logan. His job involved money hand over fist to people and he is badly chased by a cop who constantly tries to get hold of him. After making money and he decides to open a club of his own which was not easily accepted by Logan and he decides to take revenge. Logan plans to blow up Fisk with his car but fails to do so and then the fight for revenge begins from both the sides. Fisk showed his black fist to takes revenge on every gangster, pimps and anyone who came to harm him.

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Chase Step by Step

This movie is an awesome mix of both martial arts and a great storyline behind it to prove the acting and directing skills of the people involved. Directed by Yu Min Sheong, a person known for his direction skills have done a real good work in Chase Step By Step. Anyone who loves a movie with a hint of emotion and a great amount of fight (martial arts) would love to spend an hour for this movie. This movie is also known as Bu BuZhuiSha and has been release in Hong Kong in mandarin language.

The story revolves around the life of two people a man and a woman who use to perform at circus and were deliberately given the task to lead a relief fund of gold to a place which was draught struck. Owing to their great martial art skills they were asked to escort the gold to a distant place which has many dangerous regions to pass from. On the way they were badly attacked by many dacoits and evil characters to stop them and get the gold. At the end Barry Chan (acted as Wei Tzu-Wen) and Shu Lin Chang managed to fight them off and safely carry the gold to the draught region for people suffering over there.

City Ninja

Movies like City Ninja are a hardcore martial arts movie which are hugely liked by people in martial arts practice and for others who want to get into martial arts as you can learn a lot of moves from there. Directed by Yeong Cheol Choi and Chun Bang Yang the film has received many appreciations and few awards too. The plot is designed very well to show life during World War II and life after the war. It also showed how carried away people can be sometimes when they listen to others without realizing the truth.

The movie is a tribute to World War II when people found a rare and costly pendant and decides to protect it from evil hands. After many years the secretly kept pendant came into the knowledge of many and they started searching for it very desperately. No one would let the other one find and take the pendant. A young fighter WaiMan Chan gets involved in the same search and fights his heart out to get it without realizing what he is doing. Finally he ends up understanding the core fact and refrains from any more fight to get the pendant. It is a rare movie and one of its kinds.

Day of the Panther

Day of the Panther is one of the best Australian martial art movies and it is a feast to watch on as it brings up the Kung Fu style of martial art in it. We get to see a hardcore Kung Fu style in this movie directed by Brian Trenchard Smith, and he brings out the true spirit of Kung Fu through this movie. He received many awards for his excellence in direction for action sequences but the story lacked acting skills because of the involvement of Action heroes in it. It is an action movie with stars like Edward John Stazak, John Stanton and James Richards to name a few.

The story revolves around an undercover agent from Australia who gets involved with a drug goon and his gang to kill them as they have killed his partner. To take the revenge actor Edward John Stazak (acted as Jason Blade) starts making his place in the team to finally kill them. Jason is a member of a secret Kung Fu society and he learns all the skills, his partner Linda gets killed by a drug goon and his gang when she witnessed a drug deal. The fight ends up in a secret underground tournament.

Four Shaolin Challengers

This is one of the classic movies with full action, thrill and proper scripting, loved by all martial arts movie lovers have gained many awards for this. Directed by HaiFeng Wei the movie is an action oriented movie with a proper plot and dialogue. The film has a good script and an emotional factor attached to it other than just a normal action movie. Audience finds themselves more attached to this type of movies as they have an emotional connect.

The story revolves around Siu Lung Leung (acted as Lin Che Jong) and three of his friends who are former students of a Kung Fu School, Lin Che Jong earn his bread as a hawker in a small town. The daily torture of a local gangster, leads him to stand up for his right and fight with them. He was joined by his fellow hawker friends for the fight and then he opened a Kung Fu school in the same town to teach them the beautiful martial art. The story is about the constant fight of the local people with the gangsters who destroyed the school and killed students. Later Lin Che Jong fought well with the help of his three friends and freed the town from all corruptions.

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