10 Best Laptop Brands In 2014 For Users

Laptops are one of the latest inventions of modern age communication that has created great excitement around the world. These days, you can find several companies offering laptops that make crucial to find the best brands of the year. If you are planning to buy a laptop in 2014, take a sneak peek on the following points to get a clear idea about the popular and best brands for users.

Laptop Brands

  • Apple Mac-Mac laptops developed by Apple have gained immense popularity and more users because of their extensive communication features, unique range of color, and MAC OS. Macbook pro 15 inch laptop which is powered with i7 processor and features retina display equipped system is the best choice for users.
  • Dell– Durability, variety of colors and cutting-edge business features are the specialty of Dell laptops. Latitude E 7240 Touch is the latest addition of the series of laptops that is equipped with a vast range of features.
  • Sony- Consider buying the latest notebooks cum tablet range offered by Sony that comes with aluminum coating, HD with 1920×1080 resolutions. Users can flip the screen completely according to the requirement.
  • Samsung-ATVIseries of Samsung laptops can offer the users excellent experience of Windows 8. However, Chromebook of this company is also a trusted and affordable laptop.
  • HP- The premium quality of laptops offered by HP can fulfill your business and non-business requirement efficiently.Features with antivirus protection, pro-business software tools, and sparkling color range, this brand have gained an amazing popularity among users. You can even enjoy smartcard security and biometrics feature, brilliant workstation graphics in the latest version of their laptops.
  • ACER – Laptops of ACER is suitable for low budget buyers. You can enjoy an incredible experience of Windows 8 as with exciting gaming features in these laptops.
  • LENOVO- Lenovo is another popular choice of users because of the excellent performance and awesome appearance.
  • TOSHIBA- Toshiba is one of the laptop brands that have come with satellite laptop brands. You can purchase a laptop from latest satellite series to enjoy great net surfing, watching movies and connected to the outer world.
  • ASUS– The latest model of ASUS features Windows 8.1. Enjoy amazing functionality with attractive design.
  • Gateway- If you are searching for a low priced laptop, buy laptop of Gateway brand that comes with unique customized service, comprehensive technical support and many more.

Aforementioned are the top 10 best laptop brands in 2014. However, before buying a laptop it is important to evaluate your requirements and check some more tablet and laptop review online. Check about the features of the laptops and budget, design, battery life and warranty of the same to enjoy the best outcome of your laptop.

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