Top 10 Coolest Gadgets To Have In 2016

So the New Year has begun, and it is time to introduce some new cool gadgets which will define 2016 and show us how we can all benefit from owning a few tech gadgets. If you are a gadget lover, you will love this article as we will introduce some of the coolest gadgets you should have in 2016.


When speaking of devices, we are now surer than ever that they will make a great impact on the world in the future. We have seen some pretty amazing gadgets and things they can do. You got to love them.

So without further ado, here is a list of top 10 coolest gadgets and some great info on them:

  1. Ween

This is a smart thermostat which is in charge of adjusting your home’s temperature in real time by utilizing your smart phone’s location to get information about your whereabouts (are you on your sofa, or you only left the house). If it senses that you left the house, it will decrease the temperature by a few degrees so you could save money on your heating bill. It features a wall mount which can fit into a place where your current thermostat is situated and a teardrop unit which you can set in a living room, kitchen or anywhere else. Ween will be available in France this spring and later on throughout the world.

  1. Sensor-wake

This is an alarm clock which uses smell instead of vibrations or sounds to wake you up every morning. The whole idea behind this is for people to wake up to their favorite smell (which puts you in a good mood as well). You will be able to choose among a few different lovely scents such as mow grass, espresso, freshly baked croissants, chocolate and more. Those smells are produced by a capsule which will last you for good 30 days (30 uses/mornings), and you can swap them at your convenience.

  1. Netatmo Presence

This company seems to introduce something new every single year. This year we are presented with a new product called Presence. It is an outdoor – security camera on bottom and floodlight on top. This device tells you when an animal, a person or a car crosses onto your property. It knows the difference between these three things by utilizing built – in algorithms. You must set up the device via its accompanying app, and you can also set zones in the Presence’s field of view and after that you can draw on areas only to tell it what exactly you care about (people, animals or cars stepping on your property). The device should be out on the market this fall.

  1. Misfit Ray

In 2016, gadgets are all about personalization. Misfit Ray is an activity tracker, and people can wear it with a cord, existing bracelet, choker, necklace, ribbon or a silicone band. It tracks motion, sleep and has a vibrating motor and an LED which is great for incoming notifications. It should be available this spring, and you will have to set aside around $100 to get it.

  1. Polar Balance Scale

Now this device is something, it ties together all the calorie and step information together from your wearable gadgets into something useful and actionable. It works with Polars activity tracker for you to achieve your goals weight wise. This scale will adjust your objectives each day by figuring out what exactly you need. For example, if you take fewer steps and eat more cookies on a particular day, the scale will give you a higher calorie or measure burn target the next day to make up the lack of the day before. You can get it for $100.

  1. Starter Mat

You know how you do the grocery shopping, and sometimes you just can’t remember if you have enough milk in the fridge. You know that there is a bottle in the refrigerator, but is it full or close to empty? If you get a device such as this one, you will never have to ask yourself that question again. Just simply place the groceries on the mat, and once you are at the store just check the app. You will get all the info you need. Cool, right?

  1. Fitbit Blaze

This company produces the most popular activity trackers. This device is a modular fitness watch, and it will monitor your sleep, heart rate, and workouts. You can customize its screen by using different watch faces. Fitbit Blaze tracks activities and sleeps automatically because it can detect if you are biking, running, playing tennis or if you are attending a Zumba class. The Fitbit Blaze will ship in March this year, and you should set aside $200 for it.

  1. Here Active Listening

This device helps you to improve an open office environment or even any other space. Here Active Listening is an in-ear audio system, and it allows you to customize how you hear the rest of the world surrounding you by taking audio in and then at the same time running it through a filter. The app is crucial part as it adjusts the volume. This comes in handy when you have an office of coworkers, and they are loud, and you need to focus on your work, so all you have to do is tune them down.

  1. Fisher – Price Code –A-Pillar

This is a cute toy, but also more than that. It teaches kids some of the most fundamental concepts of coding such as problem-solving, sequencing, and thinking skills and patterning. It comes with eight segments, and children can then attach them together in different orders.

  1. Marathon Laundry Machine

In places like San Francisco or New York washing machines are impractical because of their size. Well, this is a washer – dryer unit all in one. However, the device uses standard dryer venting tech, and your clothes get dry after they are washed. The device has a touchscreen control panel, and people will be able to connect it with their Wi-Fi and in that way they can track energy usage.

If you require more information, just browse terrible world news, and you will find so much more data. This is really a great post to learn about some great gadgets and how they are helpful.

If you are interested in checking out for more cool gadgets and are having a desire to grab some, then check out for cool gadgets here and you will surely want to grab all.

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