Take A Look At The Top Ten Horror Movies

Some of the best movies are made by Hollywood for the viewer in the recent times. Hollywood makes different types of movies, such as emotional, love based, action, sports, animation and war movies. However, the kinds of movies that are gaining popularity are horror movies. Some epic horror movies are made by Hollywood, which are related to supernatural, paranormal and metaphysical activities. If you love horror movies, then you should not miss the below mentioned movies.

Grave Encounters Movie

1.       Grave Encounters: It is considered as the best horror movie that is made by Hollywood. The movie was released in the year 2011. It is an American-Canadian documentary film and the film involves supernatural things. It is certainly the best horror picture that you will not want to miss.

 2.       The Possession: This movie can make you unconscious due to the amount of horror and thrill, which is present in it. The story of the movie is mainly based on a type of strange box that contains a supernatural thing. This box is found and opened by a girl. This movie should be watched due to its storyline.

 3.       Insidious: This American movie was released in the year 2011. The movie has a suspenseful and psychological story. In this film, a boy goes into a paranormal state. The kid is used by the evil thing as the vessel between the good and evil world. If you want to know whether the boy has been rescued or not, you need to watch the movie.

 4.       100 Feet: It is a supernatural horror film. The story mainly revolves around a woman, who is accused of killing her husband. She has been put in house arrest. But, she began to realize that there is someone else, who is also present in that house. The entity is also harassing and attacking her physically.

 5.       Kill List: It is also one of the best horror pictures in Hollywood. The movie was released in the year 2011. Ben Wheatley is the director of this movie, and he has done well. It is a cult-violent, darkly humorous and accomplished movie. The final scene will also burn in your memory.

 6.       Woman in Black: This movie got released in the year 2013. The plot of the movie revolves around a detective, who is investigating the reason for the deaths and demises of children. The villagers say that it is done by a woman as her own kid also died.

 7.       Sinister: It can be considered as the all-time best horror picture. It will thrill you easily. The plot of the film involves a writer and he write and researches about the crime scenes. He found a tape that shows the process, through which the families are killed by the murderer. But, he is unable to find the killer.

 8.       The Innkeepers: The main plot of this horror film involves 2 employees, Luke and Claire. They work in an inn, and they love to know about the various hunting stories of their hotel. However, some evil things start to take place, which they realized.

 9.       Cabin in the Woods: In this horror movie, a group of friends visit a forest for a trip. A cabin is found by them in the forest, and they started to live in the cabin. However, some strange things occur, and all the friends die one after another.

 10.   The Exorcist: The genre of horror film has been redefined by this movie. It gave the views something to scare about.

These are some of the best horror films that have a suspenseful and meaningful story. They are a treat to watch for the horror movie fans.

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