10 Cool iPhone 5 Cases to Choose Your Own One

IPhone 5 is the latest product of the apple company which attracts everyone’s eyes towards it tremendously. This is because of its light weight, slimy structure and fine finishing. The weight of the iPhone 5 is just 112 gms which 18 percent thinner, 12 percent less in volume and more than 20 percent lighter when comparing to the previous apple company’s iPhone creation model iphone4.

Designer iPhone case

It contains the 8 mega pixel isight camera which takes very appropriate and crystal clear images than the previous iPhone models. The iphone5 is one of an extra ordinary stylish iPhone available in the present technology world which attracts everyone’s eyes towards it.

Apart from its several magnificent features and stylish appearance, the iPhone 5 also holds multiple stylish accessories, among which the main one is the iPhone cases. Normally the mobile phone case for any mobile phone will appear in the markets with atleast a time gap of 4 to 6 months from the introduction of the particular mobile in the market.

But the apple iPhone 5 cases appeared in the markets as soon as the phone has been introduced. That is the main specialty of the iPhone 5 which made several sparkling and thundering waves in the phone markets regarding the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 cases are also available numerous in numbers with latest trendy and attractive style which is mostly of people’s interest. Some of those cool iPhone 5 cases are as follows:

  1. Crossword puzzle case
  2. Angry bird pictorial case
  3. Customizing cases from skinit
  4. Glowing gel technological combo case
  5. Transparent case or view case
  6. Monogrammed case form Rothko
  7. Tribal model designed and striped case
  8. Armband cases mainly for the sports persons and gym persons
  9. Shock protection Macedonia case
  10. Pop star case with additional inbuilt stand

All these designer iPhone cases have its own uniqueness in style, color and design wise, so that depends upon the individual’s interest and taste. Also there are many designs available in leather wallet cases to choose from. You can purchase any of these cases to add extra style to your iPhone.

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