10 Best Smartphones in the World of Technology 2013

This is a world of smartphones. Nowadays people are getting confused in buying or choosing the right smartphones for them. Smartphones has a great market. There are many models with new technologies are coming up in the market. Nowadays Google’s Android, Microsoft Window’s phone and Apple’ iOS all are offering something new in their smartphones.

Best Smartphones

Review of Top 10 Best Smartphones

1.      Apple iPhone 5: This iPhone 5 of Apple is the flagship iPhone. It has 4G LTE that is spreading in major carriers. It is also offering fast and responsive data. It can provide better performance than the 3G networks. This is a new 4-inch Apple’s iPhone. It has A6 processor. It is relatively inexpensive, speedy and also supports HD voice.

 2.      HTC Droid DNA: This HTC phone has quad core processor. It is a gorgeous phone with 5 inch display. It has 1080p screen. This phone has an aluminum body. It is powerful and fast android phone. This is also one of the 10 Best Smartphones. This smartphone has incredible display. It has a high quality and sleek build.

 3.      Samsung Galaxy S4: This is the ultimate smartphone of this year 2013. This smartphone has many new features which will mesmerize you. It has 5 inch display with 1080p screen. It has many Android apps. This is absolute contender for being listed in the Top 10 Best Smartphones. It is an incredibly fast smartphone. It has wonderful calling quality.

 4.      HTC One: This is one of the most elegant and 10 Best Smartphones. This phone has an aluminum finish. It has clarity, and the photos are also clear. It has an UltraPixel camera. This phone has simplified interface of Android with the news aggregator of BlinkFeed in the home screen. This phone has the best quality of build in the market nowadays.

 5.      Samsung Galaxy Note II: This smartphone has 5.5 inch phablet. This can be also called as a small tablet. This has a maximize screen area. It has an unusual dual window mode. It has an S Pen which is pressure sensitive. You can use the S Pen for drawing and writing. It can help you to make phone calls and also fit in the pocket very easily.

 6.      Google Nexus 4: If you are interested in an unadulterated and pure Google, then you can get this phone. It has a black sleek slab. It can work in T-Mobile, AT&T and many foreign carriers. It has Qualcomm quad core processor. This phone can get many new versions of the Android. It has 4.2 Android with many important improvements with OS.

 7.      HTC One SV: This smartphone is quite cheap. It can provide great performance and design with prepaid sub carrier. It is the most stylish and Top 10 Best Smartphones. It can get you access to the new Sprint’s network of 4G LTE. It has a bright display and good camera. You can experience 4G connection.

 8.      Kyocera Torque: This smartphone has some entertaining features which you may want in the worksite. It can be also good as an adventure phone. It is a waterproof phone. It also has a really good loud speaker. It also works with a helmet by using the innovative technology of Smart Sonic Receiver. It is built as rugged smartphone. You can get a solid performance.

 9.      LG Optimus G Pro: This is the form of phablet which also makes it narrow. This has 5.5 inch large display with 1080p screen. It has adjustable fonts. You can get great Android experience. It can be also said as mini-tablet. It has a very sharp screen. It has a fast processor and customized UI.

 10.  Nokia Lumia 928: The best feature of this smartphone has Windows 8. It is lighter than Nokia 920. It has a great performance of the camera. This phone has excellent in the quality of call and also support for 4G LTE version’s network. This phone has very easy to use. Lumia 928 can provide you best experience in smartphones. It has a bright flash in the camera.

These are constant change in the world of smartphones. These smartphones have wonderful qualities. If you are going to buy any new smartphones, then you must know about the quality of these smartphones. These are the best models of recent smartphones. These phones are from popular and big brands.

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