10 Best Projection Clocks For Making Your Time Watching Experience Amazing

If you are looking for a nice and multifunction projection clocks then you really need to search a bit so as to grab the best one from so many great options available today in the market. The best way is to search online and check out various options, look for their reviews and then go for the best one.


There are various kinds of projection and alarm clocks available today with different functions and also budgets. You just need to choose the best as per your need and budget. No doubt choosing the best one is hard but if you research well and learn about some of the best options it will help you to grab the best at a reasonable price. Below are discussed 10 best projection clocks which you can check out and learn about so as to choose the best.

Electrohome Projection Alarm Clock With Battery Backup And Audio Input


Electrohome projection alarm comes in the form of EAAC601 and is a reliable, convenient and modern clock. This single clock has many excellent features which are hard to find in any other clock. Its blue display is very pleasant and you can increase or decrease its brightness which adds to it, being a perfect buy for all. It runs with electricity but when power cuts off, it sets time and date automatically.

It displays room temperature and time. It has unique ability to play to your smart phone and tablet. Once you will set a time zone it will show correct time even power is cut off. It has many special features like dual alarm or adjustment of light automatically according to day and night. It has appealing LCD display, which if projected at wall will show you 180 degree view.

Special feature: Decent radio sound, button for projection on off, automatic time set and much more. Check out here for more about this great projection clock.

La Crosse Technology WT-5220U-IT Projection Alarm Clock With Indoor/Outdoor Temperature


This is radio controller projection alarm clock which shows indoor/outdoor temperature. It has unique feature to read outside temperature as well. It tells you time and temperature exactly which makes it a great buy and gives you no reason to ignore it. It has a LED screen and is a completely wireless clock with inbuilt setting to reset time and date.

You can set alarm with snooze also means it will repeat till you not off its button. This clock has 25 different settings, just set a time zone manually and you can change time too. If settled on wall it tells you 180 degree arm rotation. You can monitor indoor temperature but as well as from distance of 330 ft. it will tell you outdoor status.

Special feature: Wireless in/out temperature, automatic focus on projection, automatic time and date, perpetual calendar, LED backlight and alarm setting. Click here to know more.

Edge Pro Alarm Clock Radio With Time Projection And USB Charger


This is another superb alarm clock with radio and projection with USB charger. It has a USB connection build which can be charged only by its charger but specialty is its long battery backup. Once you charge it you do not have to worry to charge it again and again. Moreover it has unique radio system which means you can listen to FM radio along with 20 stations. Dual alarm facility is also available which allows you to set different alarms for you and your partner.

The plastic material used in this clock is much thicker thus there is no cracking problem as well as speakers are of good quality. Hence you can enjoy songs while working or sleeping time and in the morning alarm is there to wake you up on time. If power is interrupted it resets time automatically, one more convenient feature with its inbuilt USB connection which allows you can charge your smartphones as well. If on weekend you want to disable alarm just press button once to off the alarm. You can see the time on ceiling during the day if projected.

Special feature: Long lasting battery backup with USB attachment, dual alarm and fine sound system to listen radio. Check out to know more.

Electrohome UBS Charging Alarm Clock Radio With Time Projection, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set, Dual Alarm, 1.2” LED Display For Smartphones & Tablets (EAAC475)


This is a unique piece of clock having LED display for your smartphones and tablet. It’s an amazing alarm clock to wake you up in the morning by electrohome. It has inbuilt USB charger so that you do not have to hassle to search for charger of you smartphone. Once charged, it has a long battery backup so that you can enjoy radio whenever you want and do not have to worry about battery. Dual alarm facility is also available.

If power supply is not there it will automatically reset time. If you forget to bring charger of your smartphone and mp3 player, you do not have to worry much as you can just make this radio clock USB as charger and enjoy high speed charging. Its exclusive quality makes it a must buy.

If you want to see time at midnight, you can clearly watch time by projecting on walls the light of its LED screen. It has PLL facility which provide you best sound system and you can enjoy FM more than 20 station. The backlight has four dim option high, medium, low and off which you can manage as you want.

Special feature: Inbuilt USB port, dual alarm, automatic time setting, amazing sound quality. To learn more click here.

Ambient Weather WS-8400 Projection Clock With Indoor And Outdoor Temperature Color Changing Display


This is a weather telling alarm clock that tells the indoor and outdoor weather. It has wireless system to tell temperature of outside. You can choose whether you want temperature in Celsius or in Fahrenheit. It can calculate minimum and maximum time and date, a bright LED screen to show you time that too even in dark. Alarm facility is available with snooze setting.

It has AC adapter and five AA batteries; you can set manually time and date also or set on automatic reset. It has color changing feature too in display. It has a wireless sensor which you can place it anywhere to measure temperature. If clock will show temperature between 60 to 70 degree Fahrenheit, the display color will be green by default. There are 13 colors available to change according to your liking.

Special feature: Temperature measuring power indoor and outdoor, dual alarm clock, display having 13 colors option and LED screen. You can search online to buy it or can click here.

Mesqool Digital Dual Alarm FM Dimmable Projection Clock Radio 1.8 Inch LED Display With USB Charging, Snooze, Sleep Timer, Battery Backup Functions


It is a dual alarm clock with some amazing features. You can project this clock on wall and through 189 degree its big LED screen clearly shows you time in blue color. This clock has adjustment for brightness like high, low, medium. You can manually set its brightness whether it is day or night. The special feature is its inbuilt adopter so its work likes a charger for iPad or smartphones. You can enjoy uninterrupted battery without a charger.

There is a radio facility along with variety of station of FM. You can enjoy music as well as play games on your smartphones. The alarm system is unique in the beginning it sounds low but if you are not a wake its sound increases to awake you up. If projection number is not visible clearly you can rotate its button and it will be clear displaying clear and clean. Its adapter is multi voltage up to 100 v to 240 v on ac/ dc. You can compare it with your IPod when talking about its sound quality.

Special feature: Dual alarm, LED screen, automatic time and date adjustment and high quality sound to listen to music. So, check out more about this amazing clock and order today.

La Crosse Technology 616-146 Color Projection Alarm Clock With Outdoor Temperature & Charging USB Port


It is an automatic time and date clock if projected on wall tells you time clearly without harassment of manual setting. Once you project, it will show you time clearly. It has a wireless transmitter which can access the temperature of 200 ft. whether indoor or outdoor. The lustrous bright LED screen shows you time, date and weather. If it loses its connection of weather it will show mark: dash which means connection failed. Frequency reading is another important part.

You just have to check frequency on sensor and display must be same. If you will set on 90 degree projection it will show correct time.  To restart connection, put sensor about 5 ft. to tell weather properly. If you want to reset time press power button at least 20 times and it will reset time, it will clear previous memory. The display must have 15 minutes of power off otherwise heating cause damage to display. Please be sure to use fresh batteries to see time and date properly. First place sensor outdoor and then indoor to automatic reset weather position.

Special features: Backlight at the back to show time in dark, USB phone charger inbuilt, dual alarm and fine radio quality. A great clock to buy. Order now by clicking here.

Ambient Weather RC-8427 Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock With Indoor Temperature


This is a crystal clear projection clock if projected on wall gives you clear vision because of bright screen. It may adjust time and date automatically. Just project and it starts working. It has a focus view adjustment technology, once you fix on ceiling it will show exact time and date moreover it scan the room temperature which is visible on display. It is an alarm clock with single alarm feature but you can keep in repetitive mode so that alarm will keep ringing till you wake up. It has AM/FM facility with radio.

The temperature measurement is totally wireless and thus you do not have to mess with wires. You cannot off the temperature projection, if clock is working for time and date and thus it will measure temperature too. If you want to reverse the projection on 180 degree just press snooze dial along with projection rotation key and it will reset. For backlight you have choices whether to on or off. It is battery operated as well as 110v is also there to support if battery is dim.

Special feature: Temperature measure, alarm clock, automatic time and date setting and wall projection. To know more click here.

Ambient Weather WS-8365 ClearView Projection Clock With Indoor And Outdoor Temperature


Ambient weather WS-8365 clock is a projection clock which you can project on wall and have a clear vision of time, date and temperature not only indoor but of outdoor too. From optimal view, you can project it in 180 degree and with focus setting button you can reset time and date. This clock has a broad screen that shows date, time, month, year and indoor/outdoor weather condition as well alarm setting. It can communicate weather from 433 MHZ wirelessly from 100-300 ft.

Its sensor is so strong that it can catch outdoor temperature but for better result you can keep sensor where you want to measure temperature exactly. It has single alarm with snooze, AM/FM radio alert and ac adapter with strong battery backup. You can’t expect more at such a reasonable price. This is not an atomic clock so you have to set it manually. You can only reverse projector on 180 degree and not in 90 degree. If you cut off power supply it will stop working.

Special features: Alarm clock, weather measurement indoor only and ac adapter. Check out here for more information.

Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Self-Setting Projection Clock, Silver


It’s an Exact set clock in beautiful shiny silver color. A fixed alarm clock tells you time as well temperature of room. The time shows in display in fine red color and not interrupted by power supply. If power is cut off it will automatically reset time and temperature. It is good in looks and also gives you ease to see time from bed clearly even if you are half asleep. It has a radio tower single on screen that keeps you updated whether clock is working or not, the big LCD screen attracts you and you will be forced to buy it without wasting a second.

This is the clock that tells you time in hour and exact seconds moreover it’s an atomic piece so auto reset whenever is stopped. This is a combination of style and technology. It is a unique alarm clock with 8 minute of snooze setting. If you are sleepy and are not awaken by one stroke then it will start snoozing after 8 min or whatever time you set. A colourful clock with style and beauty is what this clock is all about. Its working is battery line and houseline both so not to worry to skip of alarms. The three language option makes it more commendable.

Special feature: Wall projector alarm clock, atomic setting, weather measurement indoor only and LED screen to enhance beauty. Click here to know more about this clock or to buy it from amazon.

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